Pachisì - Sandali fatti a mano tra Como e Milano
Pachisì - Sandali artigianali in pelle Made in Italy
Pachisì - Sandali artigianali in pelle Made in Italy

Pachisì produces Italian handmade customized sandals in a superior line of leather and suede.

With our products, made in a small factory in northern Italy, we provide marvelous quality. From the cutting of the leathers to the assembling of every single component, each step contributes to the durability and quality of the goods, all of which are entirely Made in Italy.

My sister and I are proud to continue working in design and fashion, skills that have been in our family for generations.

Our favorite moments are the small ones: the perfect song playing on the radio, a run through the woods, a deep swim, a small kindness from a stranger or a slow Sunday morning

Spontaneity and beauty!

We believe in the limitless opportunities in this life.

We seek to discover the unknown in our journey towards happiness.