Made in Italy

The product Pachisì is entirely developed and manufactured in Italy.

Our country has always been known all over the world as home of beauty; a concept of beauty that goes beyond the aesthetic sense. It’s a sense that includes quality, creativity, excellence.

We’re aiming to embrace and bring forward this concept creating products which reflects the quality, the care for details, our imagination of designing and modeling, the durability and the excellence in manufacturing.

We do not lack of inspiration, that makes our mind travel to faraway places.

This combination of italian taste and aesthetic sense enable us to create unique and high-quality products.


‘Handmade’ for us is the recreation of authentic and ancient traditions that we do not want to be forgotten. A handcrafted product encloses care, quality and attention, it inspires creativity and taste.

Our concept of fashion moves away from standardization : it encourages the freedom to express themselves.


Two of our models are customizable : the Bonifacio and the Asola.

Accessories are available both with great variety of plain colour and, furthermore, with our personal choices which may be scarves, tissues and clothing that make the customization a special reinterpretation of fashion.