I’ve always loved playing with colors.
During my childhood I used them to refresh white sheets of paper, after that I started wearing colors and surrounding myself with colorful people.
Colors brake up barriers, everything coexist harmoniously with colors.

Colors call colors

At the beginning of spring all Indians people celebrate Holi festival. It is a festive day to get rid oneself of our past errors, to end conflicts by meeting others, a day to forget and forgive.
It’s a color festival, full of emotions and happiness.

What better way to express yourself than the vibrant colors of the rainbow?

Every color has a special meaning. In eastern countries White has the same meaning of Black for Christianism. Blue, Red and Yellow have a positive meaning.

The colors you choose to wear, to paint your home with, have a strong relation with your personality and can contrast or support your mood.

Within color soul and body can find a natural balance.
Within color your body becomes beautiful and stronger, increasing selfconfidence.

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